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Single Document of Occupational Risk Assessment

One of the specific missions of the competent employee or the IPRP concerns the assessment of Occupational Risks.

The French Labor Code obliges the employer to carry out an assessment of occupational risks and to record the result of this assessment in a « single document ». (abbreviated DU, DUER or DUERP).

This obligation can be seen as a simple administrative constraint or as a tool for improving safety, hygiene and working conditions with repercussions in many areas, including productivity.

Whatever your situation, we will be able to provide you with the appropriate response.

How does it work ?

The evaluation process

1. Presentation of the approach

Presentation of the approach to Management and/or management and/or the Staff Representative Bodies.

2. Identify the positions

It is then necessary to identify the positions, the missions attached to this position as well as the activities necessary to carry out each of the missions. This step can be an opportunity to formulate function definitions

3.The 4 levels

1. We work on workstations to observe and interview employees.
2.We also observe the work environment.
3. We take notes
4. we can also take photos or films.

4. The 3 criteria

- The potential gravity,
- Employee exposure and
- The probability of occurrence

The probability takes into account the preventive measures already in force in the company at the time of the assessment. This assessment enables management to deal with the most significant risks as a matter of priority.

5. Presentation

We present this first version. The interlocutors have the opportunity to make comments. After having received all the arguments, the Management decides as responsible according to the Labor Code.

6. Drafting

Drafting the risk assessment and the associated action plan.
document unique d’évaluation des risques professionnel

These different steps will be followed by a series of steps to finalize the drafting of the single document. We explain all this in an article that we invite you to read.

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