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Carbon footprint

Context of climate change.

Due to human activities, the concentration of certain GHG’s increases, which reinforces the natural greenhouse effect.

The human influence on the warming of the atmosphere, oceans and land is indisputable.

About the

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement sets an increase threshold of 2°C max. at 2100 (if possible 1.5°C) compared to the pre-industrial era.

Emissions accumulate => the longer we delay, the more difficult it will be and the consequences will be important!

To succeed in controlling disruption, we must reduce emissions, our carbon footprint.

Before being able to set up an action plan and measure its effect, it is necessary to start by evaluating the CO2 footprint in order to be able to focus the measures on the most significant emission items.


In addition, the reduction measures will reduce the impact of the increase in the cost of fossil fuels (and the GHG tax) on the company’s profitability.

To date, the carbon tax (€30 in 2023) concerns cars, gas and fuel oil.

The ISO 14064 standard provides for 3 scopes:

The Carbon Footprint takes into account:

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