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Applications for operating permits: Commodo

According to the Luxembourg legislation.

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What you should know

We can prepare your applications for operating permits in Luxembourg in accordance with the amended Law of 10 June 1999 on classified establishments, the Environmental Code and its annexes, and the procedures in force.

This service includes the analysis of the existing and projected situation and advice in order to reduce the risks and to facilitate the obtaining of authorizations.

Depending on the file, the environmental and/or occupational health and safety aspects are concerned.

The supervisory authorities are the Environment Administration, the Labour and Mines Inspectorate or possibly the Municipal Administration.

We take care of the preliminary steps and the follow-up with the administrations in order to be able to answer the requests for additional information.

We can also help you to set up action plans in order to meet the obligations related to the authorizations, once delivered

Demandes d'autorisation d'exploitation, Commodo

When is an operating permit required?

Whether you are a natural or legal person, you need to obtain an operating permit for a classified establishment in many cases.

The classified establishments concerned are, among others

  • activities: vehicle repair and maintenance shops, butcheries, breweries, laundries, restaurants, etc.
  • establishments: office buildings, covered parking lots, petrol stations, swimming pools, etc.
  • technical installations and depots: combustion installations, electromagnetic wave transmitters, transformer stations, chemical depots, etc.

All these activities are listed in the nomenclature of classified establishments.

An operating permit for a classified facility may be required for:

  • a construction and/or operation;
  • extensions and transformations;
  • a substantial modification of the establishment concerned;
  • a transfer of an activity or equipment to another location.

In addition, a new authorization is required when:

  • the exploitation has not been carried out within the time limit fixed by the authorization order;
  • the exploitation has been interrupted for 3 consecutive years;
  • the establishment has been destroyed or put out of use by any accident.

Putting together an application for an operating permit

We are at your side to assist you in all the steps involved in obtaining the operating permit.

In this respect, we can help you prepare the file associated with the application and advise you in the design phases of the project to ensure that it complies with environmental and safety standards. We help you to gather the various useful elements and to carry out the risk and impact analyses.

In addition to general information, the application for an operating permit must contain a health and safety section and an environmental impact assessment.

What must the operating permit file contain?

In terms of general information, the file should include:

  • the nature and location of the establishment;
  • the purpose of the operation;
  • previous activities on the site;
  • technical installations (building techniques and work equipment);
  • the work processes used;
  • the deposits: materials, products (cf. REACH directive).

On the « Safety and Health » component, the file must include:

  • an analysis of the risks to the safety and health of workers ;
  • risk prevention/protection/reduction measures.

Finally, the environmental impact statement must include:

  • environmental withdrawals and discharges;
  • measures to prevent / reduce risks and nuisances
  • emission monitoring measures;
  • if necessary EIA (cf. art. 8 Law), safety risk studies.

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